Sonic the Hedgehog Has Too Many Friends in Sonic Forces Story Trailer

Games Video Sonic Forces
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The story for Sonic Forces may surprise you—Dr. Eggman really hates Sonic the Hedgehog, and it’s up to Sonic and his colorful supporting cast to stop him. The new trailer for the forthcoming game (embedded above) shows that Eggman is behind the evil creation known as Infinite (oh boy, another Sonic character), which successfully defeats Sonic in combat and makes the world vulnerable to invasion from our villains.

While Eggman assembles his own team of evil-doers, such as Metal Sonic, Chaos and the very edgy Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic forms a group of his own. Classic characters such as … Silver the Hedgehog and … Charmy Bee are in attendance, not to mention Classic 2D Sonic and the “rookie” character that comes from the player’s own creation—get those OC sketches out from your drawers, Sonic fans.

The trailer has a lot of hallmarks of a modern Sonic game—speedy gameplay, unbearable rock music and awkwardly edited dialogue. At one point Silver proclaims in a moment of inspiration, “We have to show them that strength doesn’t just come from numbers,” after which this shot bizarrely cuts to a different shot of Knuckles leading a massive army.

Sonic and his many, many friends will boost-dash into Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on Nov. 7. Now tell us where the hell Big the Cat is, already.