Square Enix Looks to Release Full Library Digitally

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Square Enix Looks to Release Full Library Digitally

Square Enix is known for its hulking library of games, and fans have long been pleading for them to be available digitally.

Now, Square Enix’s president and CEO, Yosuke Matsuda, has confirmed that he’s hearing us.

Matsuda told Game Informer that Square Enix is looking into a variety of ways to make their games readily available digitally. But they’re not quite sure how yet.

The gaming giants have already launched a project to port classic NES titles to digital versions.

Down the road, they’re looking to do even more by possibly unveiling a subscription or streaming service.

But they better act fast or they’ll get left in the dust. With Bethesda, Ubisoft, Microsoft and Google working on their own streaming services, competition is thick and the game streaming market is getting even more overcrowded, even with the decades-long mammoth of a collection Square Enix has.

“I think everyone is going in that direction, so we do want to be proactive in considering those options,” Matsuda told Game Informer. “We still don’t know if it would be a subscription service or an exclusive downloading service or what form it might take, but we do want to leverage our catalog.”

Yet there’s a major bump in the road for Square Enix to move in that direction.

Matsuda admitted that for games from Square Enix’s early days, they often don’t know where the code is anymore.

No news on which games have gone missing.

Despite concerns on which classics have been lost we still may get digitized version of every single game from Square Enix’s three-decade reign on the gaming charts, which has birthed beloved franchises including Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. And that’s reason to celebrate.