50 Star Wars Characters We'd Like to See in Disney Infinity

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50 Star Wars Characters We'd Like to See in <i>Disney Infinity</i>

Disney confirmed a few weeks ago that Star Wars characters were coming to Disney Infinity later this year. It’s basically been a given that this was happening, but now it’s official, and fanboy speculation can truly begin. We know that the starter pack will be arriving with Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano from the Clone Wars cartoon, and that some of the other most obvious choices will be released alongside the starter pack. If Disney handles Star Wars like they have the Marvel Disney Infinity releases, we can expect some more Star Wars figures next year. Star Wars has a huge universe full of great characters that would work well in the game, so let’s run down some that we’d like to see. Some of these are already confirmed, some are rumored, others are highly unlikely. Still, we’d be excited for (almost) every single one of these folks to pop up in Disney Infinity.