Squirrel With a Gun Drops With a Bang on Steam

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<i>Squirrel With a Gun</i> Drops With a Bang on Steam

There’s been a glut of games about animals recently. There’s Untitled Goose Game, where you play as a lawless bird messing up a small town, and Night in the Woods, where you’re a teenage cat back in her hometown where everyone else is an anthropomorphic animal, too. In the past month, Paste has reviewed the cat game, the fox game, and the bear game.

Most of these games are wholesome, at least on the surface, but every so often there comes a game that is definitely not. That’s the case with Squirrel With a Gun, a new game made in Unity whose title tells you everything you need to know about its concept. You play as a squirrel who’s somehow acquired a normal-sized gun, with which you can terrorize the residents of the suburb you live in. The game seems to have started out as a joke, but now has its own trailer and Steam page.

While the Steam page is currently very bare-bones, it seems that Squirrel With a Gun will give you the choice to be a good Samaritan or an agent of chaos, and you can either “help your neighbors for goodies” or “rob your neighbors for goodies.” Gameplay seems to consist mostly of running around, picking up objects, and shooting, but your gun (which is as large as your tiny squirrel body) also allows you to perform double and triple jumps and navigate environmental obstacles. The release date for Squirrel With a Gun is currently listed as “Good Question!,” but it’s generated enough buzz that whenever it does release, there will surely be enough squirrel and/or gun enthusiasts (and morbidly curious people) to keep it afloat.