Stern's Batman '66 Pinball Machine Looks Fantastic in These New Photos

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Stern's <i>Batman '66</i> Pinball Machine Looks Fantastic in These New Photos

If you’ve been waiting to get a better look at Stern’s newest pinball machine, you’re in luck: here’s a gallery full of photos of Batman ‘66, including shots of all three models.

Announced back in August, Batman ‘66 is a tribute to the classic TV show, which turns 50 this year, and also commemorates Stern’s 30 years in the pinball business. Stern development chief George Gomez and programmer Lyman Sheats worked off of an idea from Joe Kaminkow of Ka-Pow Pinball, who was also Stern’s first game designer back in the 1980s, and the end result is a loving celebration of a pop culture legend.

Despite its retro appearance, Batman ‘66 is a thoroughly modern pinball machine. It comes with a full color HD screen, featuring clips from the show, and a variety of elaborate toys that reference characters and moments from the show. As the Dynamic Duo you’ll uncover clues and foil the dastardly plans of Batman’s most notorious rogues, all of whom are clearly just well-known character actors in campy outfits, and all through the time-honored pinball tradition of knocking a silver ball into things. Anybody who likes pinball and grew up watching the old Batman show will probably feel a primal nostalgic calling towards this machine after the merest glimpse of the playfield. Oh, and did we mention Adam West and Burt Ward will be reprising their roles as Batman and Robin, with new dialogue pumping out of the machine’s speakers?

Batman ‘66 comes in three models: Premium, Limited Edition and Super Limited Edition. The Premium costs $8599, the Limited Edition is $9999, and the Super Limited Edition will set you back $14999 brand new. The Limited Edition has an awesome topper with Batman and Robin riding in the Batmobile and villain-themed cabinet art that’s different from the Premium edition. The Super Limited Edition features different backglass art and sweet Batmobile art on both sides of the cabinet. It also comes with multiple translites, a different topper and accessories, and, per Stern’s press release, “a high-fidelity 3-channel audio system that is three times more powerful than audio systems of previous generations.” And since that SLE was only available directly through Stern, with an application / invitation process that wrapped up at the end of September, you’ve probably already lost your chance to buy one new in box. The Premium and Limited Editions will be available through all authorized Stern dealers, though.

If you’re a pinball nut, or just a huge Batfan, check out details from the three different models in our exclusive gallery of images.