Streets of Rage Is Back

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<i>Streets of Rage</i> Is Back

Dotemu announced the return of their arcade beat ’em up Streets of Rage on Twitter Monday. Although there aren’t a lot of details at this point, there’s a beautifully hand-drawn trailer, along with some very pump-you-up-style electronic beats.

Originally developed and published by Sega in the ‘90s, Streets of Rage 4 is the work of developers Dotemu, Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games. Lizardcube and Dotemu are publishers known for their recent remake of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, a game we loved when it came out May of 2017. Guard Crush Games is known for the 2015 release Streets of Fury, another side-scrolling beat ’em up.

Streets of Rage 4 boasts a new story, game mechanics and a “gauntlet of dangerous stages with a serious crime problem,” per Dotemu’s reveal trailer YouTube description. Falling in line with these developers’ track records, there’s a serious sense of respecting the legacy and building on its best parts. Players can pair with up a friend to play, though there’s no indication yet of whether that’ll entail local, online play or both.

There’s also, unfortunately, no information about when players can look for Streets of Rage 4 or even a platform. If Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is any indication (hopefully it is), players can enjoy “radical fights, jammin’ ‘90s beats and dashing sparring gloves and bandanas,” as Dotemu’s press release describes, on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Watch the Streets of Rage 4 reveal trailer below.