The 20 Best Mario Party Minigames

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The 20 Best <i>Mario Party</i> Minigames

At nearly 1,000 mini-games to date, the Mario Party series has built a substantial gallery of bite-sized experiences vacillating from the inventive (Hanger Management) to the inane (Will Flower). As much as it’s been the catalyst for unforgotten grudges, positive memories are in heavier supply—it’s thanks to Fruit Talktail that I now have an appreciation for grapefruit. Knowing how I felt after its presumed funeral got cancelled, I’m thankful the series kept going after Hudson’s final performance with Mario Party 8, even though its newer forms by Nd Cube have polarized fans. With the recent release of Mario Party DS on the Wii U Virtual Console, here is an exhibit of well-made mini-games that can still be counted on to cause (friendly) riots among friends and family.

Jose Cardoso is a freelance writer who’s prone to exalting words above people. Fascinated by game design, he has a knack for covering the quirky, niche and overlooked on Nintendo platforms. His writing has appeared in Unwinnable, BeefJack and other publications.