Breath of the Wild DLC: 5 Things We Hope to See

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<i>Breath of the Wild</i> DLC: 5 Things We Hope to See

This week, Nintendo detailed plans for the first pack of DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Indeed, as the first piece of Zelda DLC ever, Nintendo is treading new territory, adding new outfits, challenges, and even a new difficulty mode upon its summer release. With the revelation of the new items coming to Breath of the Wild, so too comes the longing for what might be. Here are five things we hope to see in the second expansion for Breath of the Wild, due out next winter.

Breath of the Wild Fishing.jpg

Fishing mini-game

I recognize that diving into the water and grabbing fish as they swim upstream is probably one of the easier ways to catch them. And yet, I find myself wishing there were a way to fish with a fishing pole in Breath of the Wild. It’s serene, it’s peaceful, it doesn’t make Link sacrifice several Stamina Wheels and potions just to get another Stealthfin Trout. I cherish fondly the memories of searching for special lures and waiting for special conditions to catch the Hylian Loach in Ocarina of Time. A game as beautiful as Breath of the Wild deserves a proper way to execute some leisure time.

While we’re at it, can we get a proper “dive” mechanism? I’d even settle for some Iron Boots and a Zora Tunic.

Breath of the Wild Epona.jpg

Amiibo goodies

There’s a popsicle’s chance in Hades of this ever happening, but it’d be nice to see a few of the amiibo bonuses included in the DLC. Specifically, I’d like Epona and any of the other items from previous games, like the Sword of the Six Sages. Sure, some other stuff would be nice too, like the Wolf Link companion awarded with the Twilight Princess Wolf Link amiibo, or the Ocarina of Time outfit from Link’s 30th anniversary amiibo, but that wouldn’t be fair to the folks who have tracked down and paid paid beaucoup bucks for their statues.

But Epona should be offered, at least, if for no other reason than it’d be nice to see the ole gal again.

Tingle_Outfit BOTW DLC.jpg

Of course, more outfits and masks

The first of Breath of the Wild DLC will let you wear the Majora’s Mask (among others, like Midna’s helmet), sure, but why stop there? I want the entire roster of masks from Majora’s Mask, from the Bunny Hood all the way down to the lowly and almost useless Postman’s Hat. And I want more outfits. The Tingle ensemble is a good start but I need more. I want more outfits than I could ever know what to do with. I want my inventory so bogged down with outfits and masks that I curse the day I ever bought Breath of the Wild. I want to wear Ganon’s clothes. And Impa’s clothes. And a tasteful Princess Zelda pantsuit.

Legend of Zelda Ocarina.jpg

An ocarina

I know it’s been a long time since a Legend of Zelda game featured an ocarina, but I just miss them. The shrine sidequests with Kass, the Rito bard, were a great way to revisit some of the old tunes but I’d really love to play them again myself, even if they had little or no effect. The Song of Storms can go fuck itself though.

Gohma LOZ.jpg

Old enemies and boss battles

I realize most of this list is pure nostalgia but The Legend of Zelda is literally built in the repetition of the series’ recurring myths and features generational hero reincarnation as a central tenet of its lore so…too bad. There are some enemies I really miss in Breath of the Wild, like the ReDead and Like Likes. I even miss Poes. While we’re at it, it’d be fun if some of the past bosses came back as sub-bosses, reborn in the fields of Hyrule, like Gohma or Volvagia. Or a special Ganon fight where you battle all his forms from the previous games. Ah, but I dream.

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