The Surge Gets Specific Release Date, New Cinematic Trailer

Games Video The Surge
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Deck 13’s sci-fi-action RPG The Surge is officially hitting PC and consoles on May 16, and the developer has released a new cinematic trailer to mark the occasion.

Best known for their Souls-like Lords of the Fallen, the German studio unveiled the game in March of last year. Since then, we’ve gotten some pretty long looks at the gameplay, as well as an earlier cinematic teaser. Today’s trailer, while also not showing any actual gameplay, teases the title’s setting and story before communicating the game’s focus on salvaging upgrades from your opponents post-combat.

In less than two months, we’ll find out how it compares to those From Software games to which it’s constantly compared. Again, The Surge hits Xbox One, PS4 and PC on May 16.