Watch the First Two Seasons of The Walking Dead as an SNES Game

Games Video The Walking Dead
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Telltale Games is doing a fine job adapting the most popular show on television into a videogame franchise. We have no complaints. But CineFix has another idea in mind for a no-nonsense take on the series that could prove challenging for any player. A 16-bit version on the first two seasons of The Walking Dead has been posted to their YouTube channel, detailing some of the show’s most memorable moments on one of gaming’s most memorable consoles, the SNES.

The Walking Dead operates like any apocalyptic, zombie-infested world. Watching Rick Grimes and his posse in close enough detail could provide all the information needed to start your own “How to” guide on surviving the zombie apocalypse. This version of that world is drastically different. Instead, CineFix has crafted a shoot-and-run game, which is not optimal for strategy-based thinkers. The only way to survive is to keep moving forward. Imagine how that would affect the death toll of the series if that were the case for everyone on AMC.

The attention to every last bit of the story and design is pretty fantastic. We particularly appreciate the simple but nicely rendered take on the city of Atlanta. The video can be viewed above.