Sink Your Teeth Into the Latest Trailer for Dontnod's Vampyr

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Sink Your Teeth Into the Latest Trailer for Dontnod's <i>Vampyr</i>

Dontnod Entertainment’s follow-up to the cherished Life is Strange saga, Vampyr, is rapidly approaching. There are less than two months until players are charged with embodying the newly christened vampire, Dr. Jonathan Reid, as he determines the fate of all post-World War I London.

Set against the backdrop of the Spanish Flu, Vampyr paints a Britain infiltrated by those of the bloodsucking brood, as the epidemic has left the city ripe for the sustainability of those who prey on others. This setting factors heavily into player choice, as Reid struggles to maintain his humanity and morality. Players may choose where and when to feed their thirst, with the desire to completely abstain from feeding available, should players decide that to be their path.

Featuring another in a decade-long line of shitty, minor-key, slowed-down classic rock song covers sung by an eerie female vocalist (Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper” being the victim here), the trailer paints a picturesque macabre London for Reid to navigate as he, and the city proper, comes to terms with what he has become in lieu of his medical charge.

Vampyr has long been anticipated, and the latest trailer gives more credence to Dontnod’s pedigree as worldbuilders and storytellers. It’s hard to watch this trailer and not eagerly await the game’s arrival on June 5, but check it and decide for yourself below. After all, it’s all about carving your own path.