Watch This Breath of the Wild Player Take Down Two Lynels...While Paragliding

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Watch This <i>Breath of the Wild</i> Player Take Down Two Lynels...While Paragliding

If you thought trying to take down one Lynel was bad, try two! That’s what YouTube user Nassi did, killing a duo while paragliding off a cliff, using well timed bomb arrows to light grass fires and drift between updrafts.

Check out the action in the video below.

The reason this technique actually probably works better than killing Lynels on the ground is the fact that shooting the bow while paragliding allows you to stop time, giving the Lynels no chance to retaliate while you lob them with bombs arrows. If you use a Lynel Bow you can even shoot three arrows at once for the price of one, giving you maximum damage with the minimum of resources. If you don’t have a Lynel Bow yet, you can use the Forest Dweller’s Bow, found in the Lost Woods, which shoots two arrows for one, instead. Equipping the Barbarian Armor, giving you extra damage, will also help. Happy hunting.