Feed Your Feed!: 11 Cosplay Twitter Accounts Worth Following

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Cosplay can be found in a range of subcultures that have risen more and more to the surface in the last few years. This once “just for nerds” artistry has become ever more popular in mainstream culture because of the wider audience drawn to comics, anime and video games.

The appeal of entering the wardrobe and worlds of favorite fantasy characters is completely understandable. However, there are few that have the commitment, talent, and passion to actually pull off these impressive costumes. Take a moment to admire (and possibly follow) some of Twitter’s most remarkable cosplayers.

1. Holly Conrad – @Holly Conrad

Twitter Bio: Monster maker, cosplayer, space commander, RPG lover and owl enthusiast. Heroes of Cosplay cast on @syfy!
Followers: 44.5K
Need for Feed: Before Heroes of Cosplay, Conrad already had found fans and an audience thanks to Morgan Spurlock's 2011 documentary, Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope. As Commander Holly, Conrad's feed provides tutorials and insight into what has become a thriving convention and cosplay circuit.

2. Cosplay Blog – @cosplayblog

Twitter Bio: The blog about cosplay and cosplayers with daily updates (we are not@MeaganMarie, but she's our Lady :3)
Followers: 9,308
Need for Feed: This friendly blog follows the events, photos and accomplishments of the cosplay community.

3. SCG Official – ScGofficial

Twitter Bio:SCG are a group from the cosplay and photography industries which have banded together to stoke the proverbial flame that cosplay has been crying for
Followers: 3,462
Need for Feed: For those who can't attend the various Cons and other events to see these costumes in person, photos are key to getting these impressive feats to the masses.

4. Cosplay Gen – @CosplayGen

Twitter Bio: Cosplay GEN is a magazine entirely dedicated to cosplay, intending to promote cosplayers, cosplay events and Japan fashion as a whole.
Followers: 9,304
Need for Feed: This magazine is a hub for all those interested in cosplay. It helps like minds find each other, and brings excellent cosplayers to the forefront.

5. Meagan Marie – @MeaganMarie

Twitter Bio: I work by day, play games/read comics at night, and run around in costumes on the weekend. Previously at Crystal Dynamics & Game Informer.
Followers: 20K
Need for Feed: This avid gamer, comic book lover, and cosplayer pays tribute to badass women in various mediums through her art.

6. Elffi – @ElffiCosplay

Twitter Bio: Costume Artist | Japanology and International Business student | WCS 2011 Finland
Followers: 2,985
Need for Feed: Elffi, an incredible cosplayer from Finland, has travelled all over the world to portray various characters. The question is, does he travel in an airplane, or just fly there with his own wings?

7. Maridah – @maridahcosplay

Twitter Bio: ??????? / Cosplayer, blogger, anime fan, doll & figure collector & Crunchyroll Ambassador. Lives in LA.https://www.facebook.com/MaridahCosplay
Followers: 8,549
Need for Feed: Maridah is a California-based cosplayer and a big anime fan. Actually, that's an understatement—she's a huge anime fan, as her recreations show.

8. MiggyJagger – @MiggyJagger

Twitter Bio: Cosplay, tattoos, Anti-hero and exotic bird collector.
Followers: 1,868
Need for Feed: Also on Heroes of Cosplay, Miggy Jagger is an intense, extremely talented cosplay and tattoo artist.

9. Leon Chiro – @Leon_Chiro

Twitter Bio: Italian Photomodel, Cosplayer, National Athlete, Bartender and Student.
Followers: 798
Need for Feed: Leon is a man of many gifts—athlete, model, bartender. But the reason he's on this list is because of his ability to transform himself into various video game characters.

10. Monika Lee – @MnikaLee

Twitter Bio: Atlanta cosplayer | Always eating and playing video games http://www.monikalee.net
Followers: 58.7K
Need for Feed: Monika is an accomplished cosplayer who has been featured on Heroes of Cosplay, in the Associated Press and on GamesRadar, Kotaku, IGN and Game Informer sites.

11. Yaya Han – @YayaHan

Twitter Bio: Self-taught costume maker. Business woman. World Traveler. Premier Cosplayer who began as a newb kid 15 years ago. Art is life.
Followers: 84.6K
Need for Feed: Yaya is an incredible costume designer who shows off cool photos of her creations, and explains in depth her inspiration and the steps she took to create the look. She sells many of her original cosplay accessories (horns, ears, wigs) on her website. You can check her out on Syfy’s Heroes of Cosplay.

There you have it—a drop from an ocean (or at least a sizable lake) of good Twitter feeds for cosplay. How about you, Paste readers … what are some other good Twitter feeds for people who love Cosplay?