Male Writers React To Awful Comments Left On Female Colleagues' Work

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Yesterday was International Women’s Day, an event that both celebrates women’s achievements and looks more closely at the many challenges they still face.

Elite Daily took time yesterday to illustrate the latter by having their male writers read the virulent remarks and personal attacks left in the comment sections of their female colleagues’ articles. The video illuminates quite a few things, including how awful people can be in general. But more interestingly, it points out how often harsh criticism of female writers has less to do with their actual work or the positions their writing takes and more to do with the fact that they are a human who happens to be female.

As the video shows, comments on pieces by women writers tend to attack the woman’s intelligence or address their appearance or attitude, which is then discussed at length in the comment section. Meanwhile, male writers are more often attacked on the strength (or weakness) of their writing or position.

It’s not the most pleasant way of celebrating a day honoring women, but it is an important discussion to have about how far women still have to go and how fairly women are treated in relation to their male counterparts.