Adam Sandler's Netflix Movies Have Tallied Half a Billion Streaming Hours

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Adam Sandler's Netflix Movies Have Tallied Half a Billion Streaming Hours

Netflix executives Ted Sarandos, Reed Hastings and David Wells released a new YouTube clip in which they talk about the streaming service’s first quarter 2017 numbers, how they’re about to hit 100 million subscribers, how they want to be like YouTube one day and how a possible writers strike could affect their own productions. It’s all informational, if a bit stuffy, and illustrative of where the streaming titan stands in the industry right now.

That’s not what matters, though. What matters is that the trio also revealed that since Adam Sandler’s Ridiculous 6 hit Netflix in late 2015, the comedian’s Netflix-exclusive films have racked up half a billion streams. Half a billion. Half a billion. Those aren’t typos. That’s a half a billion, with a B. That’s 500 million. That’s despite the fact that Ridiculous 6 has worse approval ratings on Rotten Tomatoes than Congress does in Pew Research polls. That’s despite the fact that The Do-Over was called “Grown Ups with guns and even fewer laughs” in one review and compared to being hit by a pillowcase full of nickels in another critical assessment. Hell, Sandler’s own kids don’t even seem to like his movies.

None of that matters, though. Sandler films such as Grown Ups basically print money (more than $247 million at the box office) and now they’re gobbling up streams on Netflix like a cast-off character from Pixels. So as bad as the reviews are, someone is still watching Sandler films in 2017. Watch Netflix’s first quarter breakdown here, and remember that Sandler has at least four more streaming movies on the way here.