Palm Springs Team Loops Back to Sci-Fi Dramedy for Apple, Based on Idea from Bojack Horseman Creator

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<I>Palm Springs</I> Team Loops Back to Sci-Fi Dramedy for Apple, Based on Idea from <I>Bojack Horseman</I> Creator

No, this isn’t a time loop: Palm Springs writer Andy Siara and star Andy Samberg are going back to the sci-fi dramedy well. This time, it’s for Apple—and it’s all based on an idea from BoJack Horseman creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg.

That enough quirky comedy names for you yet? What if we throw in Noah Hawley (Fargo) and Ben Stiller (most comedy things), who are both producing? It’s a wild mix of talent, but the last time Siara wrote a script (he’s writing the screenplay for this untitled project), it was Paste’s favorite comedy of the year. What Hawley and Stiller’s ultimate input will be remains to be seen, but Bob-Waksberg’s nebulous idea (whatever it turns out to be) was certainly a hot enough concept for the Palm Springs pair to jump on—and this was after Palm Springs made them the buzzy comedy talk of the town.

Samberg will star in this secretive movie too, though they’re still looking for a director in the near future. Perhaps more importantly than Samberg and Siara carving out a weird genre-bending niche for themselves is that this is yet another homegrown movie from Apple, which has been bolstering its originals line-up with fare like On the Rocks and Wolfwalkers.