20 Batman v Superman Crafts on Etsy

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20 <i>Batman v Superman</i> Crafts on Etsy

“Bat of Gotham versus Son of Krypton” sums up the premise of the superhero movie due in theaters March 25. Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) leaves Gotham and heads over to Metropolis, Clark Kent’s domain. Batman is only human, while Superman is immortal. Bruce is super rich, while Clark (Henry Cavill) is a meager journalist. Two DC comic worlds collide, and it’s not exactly clear whether Batman has gone bad, or he’s just getting a bad rap. It’s the ultimate feud, pitting Superman against Batman, Metropolis against Gotham, The Daily Planet against Gotham Free Press. Etsy artists have stepped up, creating awesome crafts and memorabilia to commemorate the new film, with clothing, jewelry, posters and bags galore.

Madina Papadopoulos is a New York-based freelance writer, author and regular contributor to Paste. You can follow her on Instagram.