Salma Hayek Brings the Pain in Uber-Awkward Trailer for Beatriz at Dinner

Movies Video Beatriz at Dinner
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Well, John Lithgow is pretty horrible here. Previewing what has been described as “the first truly great Trump-era film,” the new trailer for Miguel Arteta’s Beatriz at Dinner really puts the viewer on the hot seat as we watch a horrifically ignorant Lithgow repeatedly belittle Salma Hayek’s titular Beatriz.

Beatriz is a Mexican health practitioner located in Los Angeles who’s been invited to a dinner party hosted by a couple of her clients. There she meets the decidedly not-woke Doug Strutt (Lithgow), whose first interaction with Beatriz is to ask for a refill on his bourbon. “Oh, you were hovering, I just figured you were part of the staff,” he casually responds. Whew. Also, she’s definitely not a fan of hunting. Basically, Salma Hayek is on a mission to fix this rich white jackass, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Beatriz at Dinner comes to theaters on June 9. Check out the trailer above.