Black Panther Tops Star Wars: The Last Jedi in Historic Opening Weekend

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<i>Black Panther</i> Tops <i>Star Wars: The Last Jedi</i> in Historic Opening Weekend

Black Panther has topped Star Wars: The Last Jedi, becoming the second-highest grossing four-day domestic opening of all time by taking in $242 million. The film, while grossing $400,000 more than the most recent Star Wars film, did not overtake the previous champion Star Wars: The Force Awakens’s $288.1 million for the largest four-day opening. However, Black Panther did take the prize for the highest Monday gross with $40.2 million, edging out The Force Awakens’ $40.1 million.

Disney, per Variety, revealed that Black Panther’s international gross reached $184.6 million, bringing the worldwide total to $426.6 million, with South Korea and the United Kingdom leading non-U.S. countries with $27.1 million and $26.7 million, respectively.

The budget for the Marvel superhero film was an estimated $200 million, and the film was originally projected to rake in $100 to $150 million, though that clearly was an underestimate. The Ryan Coogler-directed film starring Chadwick Boseman has become the biggest cultural phenomenon of the year so far and has the highest-ever Presidents’ Day weekend opening, beating out 2016’s Deadpool.

The film has the fifth-highest three-day debut gross of all time, following behind only The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, Jurassic World and The Avengers.

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