Blade Runner 2049's Tense New Trailer Hints At A Twisted Future for Humanity

Movies Video Blade Runner 2049
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Obviously, Blade Runner 2049 has a lot of ground to cover if it hopes to match up to its classic predecessor. Even 2049’s director, Denis Villeneuve, has admitted that living up to Ridley Scott’s seminal work is nigh hopeless. That said, the director of Arrival, Sicario and Prisoners is no hack, and from everything we’ve seen so far, the forthcoming film looks like it’s shaping up nicely.

This trailer focuses a little more on the story surrounding the events of the film. Ryan Gosling’s character, K, is seeking Harrison Ford’s Deckard for help on a case. Upon finding the old blade runner, K learns that ”[blade runners] were being hunted,” and that Deckard went into hiding to survive. Jared Leto’s character, Neander Wallace, makes several appearances and is clearly positioned as the film’s primary villain. The trailer makes reference to the future of humanity, and there are undertones suggesting replicants may be attempting to replace humans. Certainly there are echoes of HBO’s Westworld in this new clip.

Check out the full trailer above ahead of the film’s Oct. 6 release. Also, be sure to revisit the previous trailer here.