Bong Joon-Ho's Upcoming Clone Sci-Fi Film Eyes a Pair of Robert Pattinsons

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Bong Joon-Ho's Upcoming Clone Sci-Fi Film Eyes a Pair of Robert Pattinsons

Oscar-winner and Korean cinema giant Bong Joon-Ho has set his sights on his next movie, and he’s already got an idea of who should play the central character. Or, well, characters. Robert Pattinson, our next Batman and an actor who could charm his way out of a Christopher Nolan movie, is being eyed to star as a pair of clones in an icy sci-fi aesthetically reminiscent of Bong’s Snowpiercer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this film will be based on the upcoming novel by Edward Ashton, Mickey7. The title refers to a cloned, memory-retaining Expendable worker on his seventh iteration, who is presumed dead after a dangerous job attempting to colonize the frozen world of Niflheim. When he arrives back intact, he realizes that Mickey8 is already there to meet him. Uh-oh. Now the cloned Pattinsons have to work together, presumably, so that they can both avoid whatever dark sci-fi consequences stem from bringing that much handsomeness to the same space base.

Bong will write and direct the adaptation for Warner Bros., looking to replicate the success of his similar take on Snowpiercer, which adapted a sci-fi property with a Hollywood star (Chris Evans), and the cultish reception of Moon, which has a similar corporate clone plot.

As for the book itself, which will hopefully allow the Bong Hive and Twihards alike to learn more about the plot, Mickey7 looks to drop in the first quarter of 2022.