Watch Clive Owen Star in Paolo Sorrentino's Stylish Short Film for Campari, Killer in Red

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Paolo Sorrentino, creator of The Young Pope, has gone the way of Wes Anderson by making a short film-as-commercial with his new short, Killer in Red. Written by communications firm J. Walter Thompson, this is an extended ad for the alcoholic liqueur Campari, starring Clive Owen.

Owen plays a man who has some problems. Two of them are that he “looks like a lot of people” and is “often late.” Owen sits down at a bar to have a drink and is told a story by the bartender about the previous bartender, also played by Owen. Owen’s bartender purportedly serves cocktails explicitly made for individual people and their situations. Intercut some ‘80s disco with a Hollywood murder plot, and it serves up a pulpy, stylish noir-thriller.

It’s weird, in kind of a great way. Check out Killer in Red above.