Watch David Bowie's Teaser for His Upcoming Short Film

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David Bowie has a couple upcoming projects to be excited about, one of which being a short film to accompany his forthcoming album. Blackstar will release early next year, but the album’s title track will premiere Nov. 19 along with his short film.

Today, Bowie shared an artful 30-second teaser for the film. The clip begins with a post-apocalyptic scene of adobe buildings and a single lit candle. From there, things get more wild: a bejeweled skull, Bowie trembling in a shack, some sort of triple crucifixion (also featuring hip gyration), and Bowie appearing Christ-like with a Blackstar bible. Nothing out of the ordinary for the androgynous glam rock icon.

Blackstar will be released Jan. 8, and the film will premiere in Brooklyn on Nov. 19 as a limited run feature at Nitehawk Cinema.