Stuntwoman Dies on Set of Deadpool 2

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Stuntwoman Dies on Set of <i>Deadpool 2</i>

A stuntwoman has died on the set of Deadpool 2, as reported by the Vancouver Police Department. The woman, whose name has not been revealed, was filming a trick involving a motorcycle when something went awry, per CTV News Vancouver.

CTV reported that the stunt driver crashed through a window after she lost control of the vehicle. An ambulance was on the scene for 45 minutes before driving away without its lights or sirens on with the woman in the back on a stretcher.

Deadpool 2 is the sequel to the superhero film Deadpool, and has been filming in Vancouver. The incident marks the second stuntperson death this summer, after a stuntman on The Walking Dead lost his life after suffering a serious head injury on July 13.

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