Major Hollywood Studios Are Joining Disney's "Movies Anywhere" Digital Service

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Major Hollywood Studios Are Joining Disney's "Movies Anywhere" Digital Service

Unless you’re a darn criminal who pirates movies, it’s possible that you use a digital movie locker service for your digital movie needs. While UltraViolet is a significant big-name service, Disney’s Movies Anywhere service has proven to be the most comprehensive option, allowing users to store their purchases from services like iTunes, Amazon Video, digital copies from home releases and more. With Disney expanding the service, other Hollywood studios are jumping ship and adding their support and film libraries to Movies Anywhere.

Now rebranded to simply “Movies Anywhere,” the service will now include offerings from Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Sony Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox—combined together, that’s a library of around 7,300 movies (per The Verge). General manager for Movies Anywhere Karin Gilford mentions that talks with other studios like Paramount Pictures and Lionsgate are underway.

Adding to the comprehensiveness of Movies Anywhere is the number of devices the service supports, including Apple TV, Chromecast, Android TV, Amazon Fire and Roku products. The service is more streamlined, too, allowing users to purchase films directly from Movies Anywhere itself, rather than the fragmented experience of switching apps for that purpose. With UltraViolet having less support and adoption, it looks like this news may spell doom for that service.

For all those interested in trying out the service, Movies Anywhere is offering two free movies to customers who link their account to a digital retailer, offering an additional third movie for linking a second account. Otherwise, you can learn more about the service on its official website.