Easy A Spinoff in the Works with Original Screenwriter as Director

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<i>Easy A</i> Spinoff in the Works with Original Screenwriter as Director

Bolstered by a breakout performance from Emma Stone, Easy A has become a modern classic in the romantic-comedy genre, and it seems that fans are going to get a spinoff of the film, according to Variety.

Still in early development, the spinoff is set to be the directorial debut of Bert Royal. Royal penned the script for the first film, and is also writing the screenplay for the spinoff. The original breakout hit was directed by Will Gluck. The original film’s Zanne Devine will also be back to executive produce the film.

The 2010 original tells the tale of a high-school student who used the perilous drama of rumors and some inspiration from The Scarlet Letter to boost her popularity. The film starred Stone, Amanda Bynes and Penn Badgley, and catapulted Stone into her current status as one of Hollywood’s foremost leading ladies.

Insiders from the spinoff told Variety that Stone would most likely not return for the spinoff that will take place at the same high school. Though it will include many of the same themes, the film will ultimately tell the story of a new group of students and even teachers.

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