Hailee Steinfeld Sexts, Swears, Struggles in Red-Band Trailer for Edge of Seventeen

Movies Video Edge of Seventeen
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There’s a reason there’s an entire genre of film devoted to the struggles of teens. Teenagers go through unique challenges as they graduate into adulthood and begin to “find themselves.” In Edge of Seventeen, Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit) looks to be having these exact hardships.

The film’s red-band trailer gives us an uncensored look at Steinfeld’s character’s world, complete with a cool teacher (Woody Harrelson), a funny mom (Kyra Sedgwick) and an older brother (Blake Jenner). Her teenage life gets even more confusingly terrible when her best friend begins dating her older brother, which is a legitimate reason to hate everything.

Of course, the trailer is really a showcase for Steinfeld, who struggles with her own romantic problems and looks for life advice from the adults in the film. The Edge of Seventeen has already debuted to positive reviews at film festivals like Toronto. The film will hit theaters on Nov. 18. Until then, check out the trailer above to remind yourself what a run-on sentence is.