You Can Check in, But You Can't Check Out of the Escape Room Trailer

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You Can Check in, But You Can't Check Out of the <i>Escape Room</i> Trailer

Even if the Saw series isn’t officially around any more, you can always count on someone else to pick up the slack and torture a handful of millennials with a high-tech maze of death traps, right? That appears to be what we have here in the form of Escape Room, which hits theaters in January and just dropped its first trailer today.

The concept of escape rooms are simply enough—they’re meant to be a fun outing that combines the excitement of roleplaying with practical problem solving, in which a group tries to decipher clues in order to escape from a room in the shortest possible amount of time. The film, directed by Adam Robitel (who did the solid The Taking of Deborah Logan), simply imagines that scenario if the room in question had been designed by Jigsaw. Voila! A bunch of dead young people. Pretty simple stuff.

The high-tech nature of the room almost makes it appear supernatural at times in the trailer—reminiscent of other “trapped in a room” thrillers such as the Stephen King adaptation 1408. We can only assume that each of the contestants was chosen for punishment for very specific reasons.

Escape Room stars Logan Miller, Deborah Ann Woll, Taylor Russell, Tyler Labine, Jay Ellis and Nik Dodani, and is scheduled to hit theaters on Jan. 9, 2019—not a release slot that is usually given to a film with great prospects. Still, the trailer for Escape Room doesn’t look half bad. Check it out in full below.