First Trailer for Steve Jobs Shows the Inventor of the Future

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“I sat in a garage and invented the future.” Those are the words spoken in the voice-over during the trailer for Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs. We can understand the influence of the technology pioneer years after his death has left a mark on the brand he created. Apple continues to improve upon the creations of its founder but it no longer revolutionizes. Since his passing in 2011, the company has failed to create the next big thing for a generation brought up in a digital age. The Apple Watch was supposed to be the next breakthrough, but the promise of a multi-tasking hand accessory was never all that compelling. And so Apple finds itself without its leader, the man who played the orchestra. Boyle’s new feature, meanwhile, promises a look into the life that started it all. From the trailer, everything looks promising.

In the teaser, we get our first glimpse at Michael Fassbender’s take on Jobs. We’re mostly treated to a single image with Fassbender’s voice serving as a hint towards the more dramatic elements of the film. Tonally, Jobs’ life story already seems to be filled with heated arguments. We get an idea of his relationship with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, the man with the skill set and knack for coding. But the real moment comes with our first look at Fassbender in the lead role. On stage, during the unveiling of his latest product, he steps out in his iconic black turtleneck and signature spectacles. Jobs reportedly wore the same outfit every day to establish himself as a brand alongside the products his company sold. With his death went the face behind the Apple company logo.

Steve Jobs will cover three backstage scenes from Jobs’s most famous keynote speeches. Kate Winslet will star as former marketing chief of Macintosh Joanna Hoffman. Seth Rogen appears as Apple co-founder Wozniak. Jeff Daniels is taking on the role of former Apple CEO John Sculley. The film is set to hit theaters on Oct. 9. The full trailer can be watched in the video above.