Julianne Moore Shines Once Again in First Trailer for Sebastián Lelio’s Gloria Bell

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Julianne Moore Shines Once Again in First Trailer for Sebastián Lelio&#8217;s <i>Gloria Bell</i>

Julianne Moore shines once again in the first trailer for writer-director Sebastián Lelio’s Gloria Bell, a remake of his own Spanish-language 2013 film Gloria.

Moore stars as Gloria, a free-spirited divorcée who works a straight-laced office job during the day and spends her nights on the dance floor, letting loose at clubs across Los Angeles. She runs into Arnold (John Turturro) one night, which thrusts her into an unexpected new romance, one filled with both the joys of budding love and the complications of dating, identity and family. Gloria Bell also stars Michael Cera, Caren Pistorius, Brad Garrett, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Rita Wilson and Holland Taylor.

Moore is truly exuberant from what we see of her performance as Gloria Bell in the new trailer. “Well, when the world blows up, I hope I go down dancing,” Gloria says at one point, and based on how full of life she appears, you believe her. The 2013 original featured Paulina García in the titular role, whose frank portrayal of a 50-something divorcée in that film marked her international breakthrough, and Moore seems to have captured that magic for Lelio once again.

A24 will release Gloria Bell in theaters March 8, 2019.

Watch the trailer below and check out the film’s poster further down.