Celebrity Tributes to Anton Yelchin: A Gallery

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Celebrity Tributes to Anton Yelchin: A Gallery

On Sunday, actor Anton Yelchin was killed at the young age of 27 in a car accident. The tragic incident sparked friends, family and fans to pay tributes to him via Twitter to remember his legacy on the world.

Though best known for his role in the Star Trek reboot films as Pavel Chekov, Yelchin began acting as a child in the late ‘90s when he played Jacob Clarke in Taken. He later appeared on TV shows, such as Huff, and in movies like Terminator Salvation, Charlie Bartlett, Fright Night, Like Crazy, Only Lovers Left Alive and Green Room.

Click through to see the poignant reactions to Yelchin’s death from his many co-stars, collaborators and fans.