Watch: Hugh Jackman is Intense, Villainous in Pan Trailer

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Director Joe Wright’s (Atonement, Anna Karenina) version of the Neverland universe, Pan, hits theaters this October, and judging by the trailer above, it’s going to be visually stunning.

Hugh Jackman looks incredible as the pirate Blackbeard, the villain of the film, and will undoubtedly attract the lion’s share of attention. The movie is described as the “origin story” of Pan and Captain Hook, and like Anakin Skywalker becoming Darth Vader, James Hook will be portrayed here in earlier days. Garrett Hedlund stars as the future captain, and Levi Miller plays Peter Pan. Rooney Mara will take on the role of Tiger Lily—a casting decision that came with some controversy Amanda Seyfried stars as Mary Darling.

The film has been delayed from the summer to avoid competing with certain blockbusters, and when it comes out this fall, it will be a success story for writer Jason Fuchs, whose script was on the black list in 2013. So prepare yourselves for alligators, mermaids, and various other fantastical phenomena as we learn how Hook became Hook, and Pan became Pan.