Watch: Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer Dance on Billy Joel's Piano

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Who needs to be in Taylor Swift’s concert squad when you have Billy Joel’s piano?

Last night, Piano Man Billy Joel played a sold-out show at Wrigley field. Just before breaking out into “Uptown Girl,” he asked the crowd if they had seen the movie Trainwreck, a film in which the 1983 hit was a key component. Halfway through the song, the reasoning behind Joel’s non-sequitur question was made abundantly clear. Amy Schumer, star of Trainwreck took to the stage, performing a small sequence of her coreographed dance to the song from the film. She was then joined by her entourage, which included a not-so-inconspicuous Jennifer Lawrence. It didn’t take long for the funny girls to kick their dance party up a notch by flinging themselves onto Joel’s piano to dance to the rest of the song. Beautiful.

Lawrence and Schumer have become the blonde Selma and Louise of Hollywood lately, whether they’re vacationing together or writing a screenplay, this pair has been insperable and not exactly low profile. Trust us, we’re not complaining. As an extra bonus, watch this clip from the perspective comedian Kyle Dunnigan, another friend of Schumer who was onstage, to see Lawrence kissing Schumer’s foot. It’s hard not to love this pair, and we’re beginning to think they deserve a celebrity couple nickname. Schu-Law?

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