Watch the Kingsman: The Golden Circle's Stylish New Trailer

Movies Video Kingsman: The Golden Circle
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The first Kingsman film was all about style. From the elegantly brutal killings to the snappy dress suits, the film oozed panache. It appears the forthcoming sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, promises to be much of the same: fancy people murdering other fancy people.

The new trailer for the film focuses on the dressy men’s apparel from this incredibly violent world. In fact, the trailer is straight up presented by men’s style outlet Mr. Porter. And whereas the first film largely revolved around Euro-centric suits, the new film will apparently include Western-themed outfits. Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges strut around in the best finery Texas has to offer—cowboy hats and all.

It’s a short clip, but the trailer points to a film dead set on improving upon everything that made the first Kingsman a hit.

Watch the new trailer above, and the previous trailer here ahead of the film’s September release.