Lea Thompson's Top Ten '80s Songs

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Michael Tully’s fantastic new ’80s throwback comedy Ping Pong Summer opened last weekend to rave reviews. One of the coolest things about the film was seeing ‘80s icons Lea Thompson and Susan Sarandon in starring roles, so we thought we’d spend some time talking to Thompson, a consummate ‘80s dream girl, about some of her favorite songs of the decade.

1. “The Power of Love,” Huey Lewis and the News

Paste: Let’s jump into some of your favorite ’80s tunes.
Thompson: Ok. Well, we can talk about “Power of Love”, which is such a great song. It was a big hit for Huey Lewis, and I think he wrote it exclusively for Back To The Future. I just always loved that song … wow … because it held so many great memories of actually being in a giant hit, which doesn’t come out that often in life. And I also thought it was a great fit for the movie. It’s great when you have something that kinda encapsulates the whole feeling of a movie. It’s absolutely perfect. They feed off of each other, the visual and the song. They really boost each other, and I think that was a really great combination of those things.