Midsommar Is Coming: A24 Is Teasing Ari Aster's Hereditary Follow-up (Updated)

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<i>Midsommar</i> Is Coming: A24 Is Teasing Ari Aster's <i>Hereditary</i> Follow-up (Updated)

The evil geniuses at A24 have begun teasing the next horror film from Hereditary writer-director Ari Aster, the mysterious Midsommar, coming in August.

There’s still very little official information available on Midsommar—a search of A24’s website for the title returns no results—but the distributor has dropped two breadcrumbs about the film so far this week, suggesting that we’ll soon find out more about Aster’s next effort.

The first Midsommar teaser—a soundless animated clip of girls dancing around a maypole, as in a midsummer folk ritual—was shared via Twitter Tuesday:

A24 followed up on Wednesday with a decidedly more unsettling new teaser, also soundless and rendered in the same style, showing a pair of blindfolded men wielding torches, their covered eyes bleeding:

Two progressively creepier teases on consecutive days? Only one way to read this from where we’re sitting: Our first real look at Midsommar is coming soon.

In case you haven’t been anticipating this project as breathlessly as we are, a refresher: Midsommar centers on a couple, Dani (Florence Pugh, Lady Macbeth) and Christian (Jack Reynor, Free Fire), who travel to their friend’s hometown in rural Sweden for its fabled mid-summer festival. “What begins as an idyllic retreat quickly devolves into an increasingly violent and bizarre competition at the hands of a pagan cult,” the film’s official synopsis reads.

Starring alongside Pugh and Reynor are Will Poulter (Black Mirror: “Bandersnatch”), William Jackson Harper (The Good Place), Vilhem Blomgren (Gösta), Ellora Torchia (The Split) and Archie Madekwe (Legacy).

Stay tuned for more information on Aster’s new film, set for an Aug. 9 release, and brush up on everything we know about the project so far here.

Update, Feb. 28: The hype train keeps rolling: Thursday, A24 shared the film’s first poster. It’s surprisingly pretty, but inarguably unnerving—take a look below.


Update, March 1: A24’s week of escalating teases ends on a high note with their announcement Friday that the Midsommar trailer is coming on Tuesday, March 5.