Tom Cruise Out 8-9 Weeks After Stunt Injury on Mission: Impossible 6 Set

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Tom Cruise Out 8-9 Weeks After Stunt Injury on <i>Mission: Impossible 6</i> Set

The NFL season hasn’t even started yet, and we’re already getting reports of injuries causing major setbacks. Not for football players—for Tom Cruise, obviously. The actor/Scientologist/wild man has injured himself on the set of the forthcoming Mission: Impossible 6, THR reports. Due to the injury, the film is expected to halt production until October, with the hopes of wrapping everything up in time for the holidays. If they succeed, it’ll be a delightful Christmas miracle.

Per THR’s source, the issue is Cruise’s ankle, which is damaged and possible broken. The actor was jumping between two buildings and fell short of his mark, resulting in a powerful collision that Cruise limped away from. He’s become famous in recent years for doing most of his own stunts, but while his pecs remain formidable, Cruise’s joints appear to be feeling the effects of age. It remains to be seen whether this setback affects the film’s July 27, 2018, launch date.

Heal up soon, Thomas. We’re all excited for your latest insane stunt—not to mention Henry Cavill’s scenery-chewing mustache.