Moana, Your Kid's Next Favorite Movie, Gets Its First Full Trailer

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Moana is from the studio that made Frozen, it’s directed by the guys who made The Little Mermaid, it stars Dwayne Johnson and it has music from Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda. Disney is basically printing their own money at this point.

But Moana also has its first full-length trailer, so we know what to expect before it comes out and is all any kid can talk about until the next Disney movie is released.

Johnson stars as Maui, a demigod who’s fallen on some tough times, who teams up with Moana (Auli’i Cravalho), a girl with ocean powers and an important destiny, to go stop a lava monster, and maybe along the way they’ll learn a lesson or two about friendship or identity, or something.

The trailer, which focuses heavily on Moana and Maui’s relationship, is relentlessly charming, showcasing the film’s humor, as well as its jaw-dropping animation.

Moana hits theaters on Nov. 23. You can watch the trailer above.