Leaked Monster Hunter Movie Trailer Introduces the Monsters

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Leaked <i>Monster Hunter</i> Movie Trailer Introduces the Monsters

The first glimpse of Capcom’s forthcoming Monster Hunter movie has leaked via a secretly recorded clip shown at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

The teaser kicks off with Resident Evil’s Milla Jovovich and Triple Threat martial artist Tony Jaa battling hulking, horned Diablos as they lunge from the sand.

“In 2020, discover a new world,” the blurry teaser footage challenges as a dragon flies at the screen with a fiery roar.

Jovovich is set to play Lt. Artemis as she fights to defend herself and her unit after they’re transported from our world to the monster-infested one of Monster Hunter. She teams up with Jaa’s character, a monster hunter who teaches her to survive in tough new terrain.

Ever the jack-of-all-trades, filmmaker Paul W.S. Anderson, also of the Resident Evil franchise, has signed on to write, direct and produce.

Clearly, this is not Anderson’s first rodeo with a film adaptation of a videogame. He helmed the first Mortal Kombat movie and worked extensively on the Resident Evil films, which are arguably the most successful videogame adaptations ever made.

The monster unveiled in the leaked clip seem to match up nicely with those from Capcom’s smash-hit videogame series.

That’s a big relief for fans who were concerned when the film was announced last year, and some first-look images seemed very un-monster-like and a bit too modern realism for the fantasy game’s sensibilities.

Happy Halloween from Alpha Team, not in costume this year but in UNIFORM! We didn’t get to go trick or treating but it’s a real treat to work with these incredible people on #monsterhuntermovie @meagangood @diego @iammcjin

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But thankfully, the first images showing soldiers with modern weapons rather than the gawky, cartoonishly big weapons of the game appear to have just shown Lt. Artemis’ unit before they’re transported to the Monster Hunter world.

Check out the potato-cam clip of the forthcoming fantasy-action thriller while you can below. The film is set for a Sept. 4, 2020, release.