Tilda Swinton Shows Us What Pigs’ Nightmares Look Like In New Okja Promo

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With just less than a month until Okja debuts at Cannes, excitement for Bong Joon-ho’s latest movie is through the roof. Now, Netflix has released a new promo video that is sure to drive up the hype even more by giving us what we never knew we needed: Tilda Swinton selling pork.

Presented as a message from Lucy Mirando, the CEO of the fictional Mirando Corporation, the video opens with Swinton beaming brightly as she recounts a couple of the quaint foodstuffs her company has provided for her customers. As she says this, a twee little ditty plays in the background, riding the hilariously fine line between affable earworm and head-splitting nuisance.

The meat of the ad, however, lies with the pigs. “My scientists have discovered that while Mirando pigs dream peaceful and lovely dreams, those less-fortunate pigs suffer from the most dreadful night terrors,” Mirando reports. The music decelerates dramatically, and then the ad proceeds to show us what a pig’s nightmare might look like (hint: it involves the meat packing industry). The whole thing was already kind of weird up until this point, but porcine subjectivity takes madcap to new levels.

“Pigs deserve happy dreams. Just like the rest of us.” So says Mirando, but then the final moment of the ad reveals the true product being marketed: “great tasting tenderloins” that arise from—you ready for it?—”tenderness.” It’s all hysterical, but underlying the silliness is an edge of environmentalist satire: Though the pointedly corporate Miranda claims to care about the pigs, her ostensible compassion seems to be only a means for her to get what she wants from the natural world.

Check out the full video above, the accompanying faux website that further expounds upon the Mirando Corporation’s pig-related initiative, a previous teaser here and, of course, Okja itself when the film hits Netflix on June 28.