See Michael Shannon as a Rodeo Clown in the Compelling Poor Boy Trailer

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See Michael Shannon as a Rodeo Clown in the Compelling <i>Poor Boy</i> Trailer

It isn’t exactly easy to pick up on the premise of Poor Boy after just one watch of the film’s new trailer, but it certainly gets you intrigued enough to hit the replay button.

The film, starring Michael Shannon, Justin Chatwin, Amanda Crew, Lou Taylor Pucci, Dov Tiefenbach and Dale Dickey, follows two brothers who make a living as small-time crooks in a small desert town. When their way of life is compromised, they hatch their most ambitious con yet in hopes of scoring enough cash to sail their houseboat to California.

And that con seems to somehow involve Shannon as some sort of rodeo clown? ... Alright, we’re in.

The Robert Scott Wildes-directed indie first premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in 2016 before going back into the editing room and getting another screening at Cannes Film Festival, where it was picked up by Indican Pictures. The distributor plans to release the film in select theaters this year.

Judging by the visually compelling trailer, Poor Boy looks to be nothing short of a wild ride. Watch for yourself below.