The Safdie Bros. and Adam Sandler Collaborate Again in New Short Film GOLDMAN v SILVERMAN

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The Safdie Bros. and Adam Sandler Collaborate Again in New Short Film <i>GOLDMAN v SILVERMAN</i>

The Safdies and Adam Sandler were completely snubbed by the Academy for their high-anxiety masterpiece Uncut Gems, but they don’t seem all that bitter about it. The three have released another collaboration, the short film GOLDMAN v SILVERMAN, which follows two rival street performers on the manic sidewalks of Times Square.

Sandler plays Goldman, a shaky street performer whose entire gimmick is being painted head to toe in gold spray paint while robotically positioning himself on a crate and emphatically playing a kazoo. The bad news for him is that a younger, more lithe performer, Silverman (Benny Safdie), has shown up on his corner, resulting in an altercation that leaves both performers feeling low.

The Safdies have long been heralded for their ability to immerse an audience in the kinetic energy of New York City, which often becomes all-consuming and feverish. GOLDMAN v SILVERMAN is no different, and in only six minutes the film perfectly captures the inherent sadness and ridiculousness of Times Square, complete with outdated Jimmy Kimmel Live! fliers, an ambiguous hot dog cart and a ton of people clogging the sidewalks for absolutely no reason.

The short may end up in theaters, as well, according to a tweet from the Safdies. You can watch GOLDMAN v SILVERMAN via their link below.