Sex, But In Space: Voyagers Releases First Drug-Fueled Trailer

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Sex, But In Space: <i>Voyagers</i> Releases First Drug-Fueled Trailer

Ahhh, space sex. The trailer for Voyagers, a forthcoming sci-fi film written and directed by Neil Burger, has been released and the film will ostensibly answer that age-old question: What would happen if 30 hot space cadets were drugged and trapped on a ship together, Lord of the Flies style?

The film features a bevy of fresh faced young actors: There’s Fionn Whitehead of Dunkirk and Bandersnatch acclaim whose prominently primal screams feature in the trailer; Tye Sheridan, the lead of Steven Spielberg’s Reader Player One; Lily-Rose Depp from Netflix’s The King; Viveik Kalra from Blinded by the Light. Visually, Voyagers appears to have the iridescent colors and sex appeal of 2001 crossbred with Gaspar Noe.

Based on the beat-heavy techno featured prominently in the background, sweeping space sequences and jump-cuts to wild animals, Voyagers will be a film about the perils of deep space travel not unlike Life or Passengers. But rather than focusing on the limits of technological advancements Voyagers appears most interested in the atavistic human nature and persistence of carnal desires—all while under the influence of a drug called “blue.”

Oh, Neil Burger, what YA sex and violence do you have for us this time?

Watch the trailer for Voyagers here:

The Lionsgate film is slated for an April 9 release.