Even Terrible Things Must Pass: Sharknado 6 Will be the Final Sharknado

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Even Terrible Things Must Pass: <i>Sharknado 6</i> Will be the Final Sharknado

As a person who has reviewed every single goddamn Sharknado movie for Paste since 2013, I’m filled with a mixture of apprehension and relief as I type the following words: The Sharknado series is finally coming to an end. The annual summer bacchanalia of flying fish and impaired Tara Reid acting will have one final go-round in the form of Sharknado 6—probably in late July, as past installments have been—before swirling off into the sunset.

This only makes sense, as the series is seemingly poised to enter its literal final frontier in the form of TIME TRAVEL. When we last left Fin (Ian Ziering), April (Tara Reid) and Nova (Cassie Scerbo, who we interviewed about the series last year), they were being overwhelmed by a coordinated sharknado front too powerful to stop. That is … unless Fin can travel back in time to undo all that’s gone wrong and return the Earth to a peaceful, pre-Sharknado state. Which is presumably exactly what will happen. Viewership for the series has trended downward over time, so it only makes sense to finally let it end.

We know a few basic details about this installment. For one, the film’s main characters will return—Reid, Ziering, Scerbo and even Vivica A. Fox, whose character was killed in the second installment, Sharknado 2: The Second One. The official SyFy synopsis is appropriately batshit—apparently this one will involve “Nazis, dinosaurs, knights and Noah’s ark.” Sounds to us like SyFy and The Asylum are trying to plumb much of the same material as similarly broad time travel/alternate history parodies such as Iron Sky or Kung Fury. As in alllll the other installments, Anthony C. Ferrante is back in the director’s chair.

Things we DON’T yet know include what is sure to be another punny subtitle for this installment, probably poking fun at the time traveling concept. How about An Atlantic Mako In King Arthur’s Court? Also to come: The inevitable reveal of the dozens of C-list actors and right-wing political pundits who will be making cameo appearances. Fingers crossed that this is the year we see Ted Cruz killed by a flying shark, guys.

Further bulletins on the final Sharknado will appear as events warrant.