Space Jam: A New Legacy Trailer Spends More Time on the Basketball Court

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<i>Space Jam: A New Legacy</i> Trailer Spends More Time on the Basketball Court

The newest trailer for the Space Jam sequel dropped and it focuses less on the Warner Bros. IP universe than the first one, spending more time on the good old fashioned game of basketball that Lebron James and the Looney Tunes characters will be playing together.

Space Jam: A New Legacy follows Los Angeles Lakers icon LeBron James who becomes trapped along with his son Dom (Cedric Joe) in something called the “Serververse”—a virtual world dominated by intellectual property at the behest of an evil A.I. named AI-G Rhythm (Don Cheadle). LeBron must then lead a team of Looney Tunes against AI-G and his terrifying, recognizable Warner Bros.-owned characters in a wholesome game of basketball in order to save himself and his son.

Instead of overwhelming viewers with the cavalcade of Warner Bros. characters like before, this second trailer allows LeBron and his Tunes to do their thing on the court…though, it’s simply not the same without the Monstars and Danny DeVito. While the film looks like it might be fun in a turn-your-brain-off-and-enter-the-void sort of way, there’s something deeply unsettling about seeing CGI Looney tunes characters with photorealistic fur.

Space Jam: A New Legacy releases in theaters and on HBO Max July 16. Check out the new trailer below: