Watch and Rewatch the New Trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming

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Almost a year after the character’s MCU debut in Captain America: Civil War, Marvel and Sony have dropped another, even longer trailer for this summer’s Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Seriously, be careful if you’re wary of spoilers, because this trailer doesn’t hold back when it comes to major plot points. But if you’re weak like us and know you can’t possibly wait the nearly three months for another look at the film, go ahead and watch and rewatch to your heart’s content.

This second trailer mostly gives us more of what the first did: we see Tony Stark’s continued mentoring of Peter, Michael Keaton’s Vulture making threats/referencing family, and some explosive Spidey vs. Staten Island Ferry action. Throw in a fun Captain America reference and a better look at Peter’s pre-Stark, homemade Spider-Man suit and you’ll pretty much feel like you’ve seen the whole movie.

Now, remember, all of this has nothing to do with Sony’s own soon-to-come Marvel cinematic universe that we learned about yesterday. The studio intends to get things started with an R-rated Venom movie before leading into a Black Cat/Silver Sable picture. How could any of that work without the inclusion of Spider-Man, you ask? Maybe they’ll figure something out with Disney again for the sake of continuity? Yeah, we have no idea either.

For the non-spoiler-phobic, go ahead and check out the new trailer above. For anyone else, you can find the first trailer here and check out Spider-Man: Homecoming in its entirety when it swings into theaters on July 7.