Here's Some New Spider-Man: Homecoming Footage to Start Your Week Off Right

Movies Video Spider-Man: Homecoming
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When Spider-Man made his MCU debut in Civil War, everyone lost their minds. It was perfectly placed, perfectly timed and very perfectly cast. Now, the world is just about two months from Tom Holland’s first full-length MCU turn in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Marvel has released a new clip and international trailer for you to really start your week off right with, because they care.

The clip is not much more than an extended sequence of Ned realizing that his friend Peter Parker is Spider-Man after Peter crawls through a window into his own bedroom, dropping from the ceiling. “You’re the Spider-Man!” Ned yells giddily, dropping and destroying the Death Star. How perfect is it that he was waiting on Peter to get back so they could finish the Death Star together? True friendship right there. What follows is a new international trailer with some cool-looking footage, making the two-month wait for this film seem even longer.

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters (sorry) on July 7. Check out the clip and trailer embedded above, and go here and here to see the film’s previous trailers.