Ten Minute Film School E26: Sadie Katz on the Bill Murray Experience

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From guest interviewer Chris White.

Sadie Katz is known to most as Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort’s sex-crazed hillbilly maniac Sally Hillicker, but it turns out her most terrifying role is as herself in her directorial debut The Bill Murray Experience.

The L.A.-based actress and screenwriter only thinks her life is falling to pieces when she begins a multi-year quest to meet Hollywood’s most elusive celebrity. An unflinching—and not entirely flattering—portrait of the artist on (and at times over) the verge of a nervous breakdown, Katz’s The Bill Murray Experience is certain to make you feel both the elation and pathos that seeking spiritual solace via celebrity inevitably brings.

(I should know. My 2014 feature Cinema Purgatorio is a fictional treatment of the same idea.) 

Be warned. This is an hour-long version of the Ten-Minute Film School—but it’s well worth the length. Katz goes deep into the motivations, process, and resolution of her pursuit of Murray (beware, there be spoilers!). Independent filmmakers will no doubt find her story fascinating and inspiring, as will any Bill Murray Experience seekers out there. Like the documentary (available now on all streaming platforms), this conversation between filmmakers is at times painfully honest and always self-effacing—a dive into the smallest details of a quest for meaning that doesn’t quite work the way Katz imagined it would.