You'll Want to Be Eying This Unnerving Clip From The Cloverfield Paradox

Movies Video The Cloverfield Paradox
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In a new clip from Netflix’s much-maligned surprise release The Cloverfield Paradox, actor Aksel Hennie (The Martian) observes his face in the mirror until he notices something strange happening. See it with your own eyes above.

The Cloverfield Paradox follows a group of international scientists working on a space station to help solve an energy crisis down on Earth. The result of their experiment leaves the scientists struggling for their survival aboard the station. The film stars Golden Globe nominees David Oyelowo, Daniel Brühl and Ziyi Zhang, and also stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Elizabeth Debicki and Chris O’Dowd.

You can watch the full film on Netflix here, but be sure to check out Paste’s own Jim Vorel’s review of the film here. Vorel has some rather interesting things to say about this installment in the Cloverfield franchise.