Watch James Franco Become Tommy Wiseau in Full Trailer for The Disaster Artist

Movies Video The Disaster Artist
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The full trailer for The Disaster Artist is here, and it’s a doozy. While buzz from TIFF grows for the film, you can see James Franco performing an eerily close rendition of Tommy Wiseau in the trailer above.

The film, based on Greg Sestero’s memoir of the same name, follows Franco’s Wiseau as he creates the infamously terrible movie The Room, a cult classic known for its absolutely absurd levels of ineptitude. At first, one might fear that this film might just be a cynical joke about the original, just a chance for competent professionals to laugh at specific aspects and make fun of the amateurs behind The Room. But critics who have seen it claim the opposite is true, as Birth.Movies.Death reports critics are saying that the film “obliterated cynicism and over-emoted its way into the crowd’s heart.”

The Disaster Artist releases Dec. 1. Watch the trailer above, and revisit the first teaser here.